"Zito is one of my very favorite New York artists, partly because he thinks of himself as an artisan (he likes to make paintings on commission) and partly because he's just a really fine and inventive painter. I have two of his paintings, one is a portrait of Lee Marvin (commissioned for my film COFFEE AND CIGARETTES) and one of the Ethiopian master musician Mulatu Astatke (commissioned for my film BROKEN FLOWERS). I value them greatly. I hope for a few more in the future. Hats off to Zito!"
--Jim Jarmusch, Director
"Zito can capture your essence by painting on a found object for 20 minutes more effectively than more formal and pretentious artists can do by fussing on a canvas for weeks. A genius!"
--Michael Musto, Village Voice
"Antony Zito took an old flowered cabinet door and transformed it into a cool, realistic portrait of myself that I felt compelled to buy on the spot. (I don't even like looking at myself either) Did I mention he did it in about 7 minutes? Because there is no way I could sit any longer. The best quick portrait painter in the business, with an amazing artistic flair. This guy is amazing."
--Patrick McMullan, NYC Celebrity Photographer


M. Henry Jones